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Cadet training


Proper Uniform Wear


Uniform shall be worn every Monday or Tuesday (whichever day you have ROTC) for the entire school day unless otherwise announced.


Uniform must be clean, pressed, and include bright white crew neck t-shirt, black dress socks, khaki shirts tucked in (male only), with relaxed fit jacket zipped up. Do not mix uniform and civilian clothing.


Do not wear headphones or chew gum while walking around campus in uniform.


Cadets are responsible for all lost, stolen, or damaged (due to own negligence) uniform articles. Normal wear and tear is expected.


Cadet’s name should be written on the inside label of the relaxed fit jacket due to its high cost.


NJROTC covers (hats) will be issued as required since they are easily lost or stolen.


Please click here for a video on proper female hairstyle wear while in uniform.

Items that Cadets will need to purchase
  1. Plain white men's crew neck t-shirts (petite cadets should buy these in the young boys section of the store).

  2. Kiwi Shoe Shine Kit (this kit includes: polish, shoe brush, applicator, and shoe shine cloth).

  3. Brasso brass polish. Walmart cleaning supply aisle.

  4. Barbasol Shaving Cream. (for stripping shoes)

  5. An old toothbrush (for cleaning the edge of shoes)

Uniform Turn-In Procedures
  1. Uniforms must be dry cleaned, wrapped in plastic, with a receipt attached to avoid a $15 cleaning fee.

  2. Uniforms must be turned in directly to an Instructor by the cadet who signed for them or their parents (in person).

  3. Cadets will be charged a fee for missing and damaged items not due to normal wear and tear.

  4. A hold will be placed on transcripts/graduation until all fees paid.

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